Jackson Township

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
7:00am to 5:00pm

Township Offices

140 Magill Road
Zelienople, PA

Phone: 724-452-5581
Fax: 724-452-5584


Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find information if I need a permit?

Residents who are looking for information about permits can locate specifics in the Jackson Township Code of Ordinances Chapter 27, part 17. This chapter includes information about fences, swimming pools, garages, sheds and storage building, and screening/landscaping plus many more. 

How do I sign up for water, sewer and trash?

The township does not have its own companies to supply water, sewer and trash. The resident will have to call the local provider of their choice  to set up utilities when moving to the township.


Who are the local utility companies?

Pennsylvania American Water


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Western Butler County Authority

607 Market Street Zelienople Pa, 16063


Cable and Internet


Television: 1-877-277-5711

Internet and Phone: 1-877-486-4666

Residential Trash Service 

Vogel Disposal Service, Inc.

      121 Brickyard Road
      Mars, PA 16046 

Where do I get information or ask questions about a septic system?

Septic System questions and detailed information can be directed to the Sewage Enforcement Officer, Doug Duncan. 724-679-4860 



What permits do I need to start my new driveway or change my existing one?

 To constuct a new driveway, or alter an existing drive way, Residents need to fill out a Driveway Permit located in the permit section of the main menu located in the Road Permits section and submit for approval. Directions on how to complete the permit application are on the permit itself. Residents may also need a street opening permit which is also located uder the Road Permits section to go along with driveway plans. 


Where do I obtain a dog license?

A dog license can be purchased at the Butler County Treasurer’s office. Instructions and details can be found on the Treasurer’s website.


How do I obtain/request a public record?

Directions on how to obtain or request a public record can be found on the Public Records Requests page along with instructions.


How do I obtain an accident report?

Accident reports can be obtained through the Jackson Township Police Department the instructions on reports and how to obtain them can be found on the Police Department Website


What are public safety non-emergent phone numbers?

Jackson Township Police Department


Harmony Fire District


Harmony EMS



Where do I go to vote?

There is a single polling place for residents of Jackson Township.  All residents must vote at the Township Office located at 140 Magill Road.


Where can I find the latest Road Projects?

The latest road projects are found in the "Latest News" section of the website displayed on the homepage above the picture slideshow. The Road Projects will be updated as they progress and new information is made availiable. 


Where do I find information if I am new to the township?

We have recently updated the township website and we now have a link to a "New Residents" page. On this page you will find township and community contacts that may be helpful in your time as a new resident.


What is the price of a muncipal lien letter?

The price of a muncipal lien letter is $20.00. 


Where can I find information about zoning and street maps? Are those maps availiable on the website?

Both maps are availiable on the website to answer your zoning or street questions. The maps are located on the main hompage of the website under general information. Under the general information tab, the maps are located at the bottom where it says maps clicking on the one you need it will pop up in a new PDF file window for you to view. 


Where can I find the Code of Ordinances for the Township?

The Jackson Township Code of Ordinances is availiable on the website for all residents. It is located under the general information tab (on the homepage) and then by clicking on the code of ordinances tab under general information you will be linked to the page with all the ordinances by chapter and subject.