Jackson Township

Non Emergency Hours

Monday to Friday
 8:30am to 3:00pm

Police Department Offices

140 Magill Road
Zelienople, PA  16063


Phone: 724-452-5600
Fax: 724-453-3581


Emergency Call: 911

If calling from outside Butler County and need to speak with an officer, call Butler County Emergency Services Dispatch: (724) 287-7769



One of the functions of the Jackson Township Police Department is safeguarding the motoring public through the enforcement of commercial truck regulations. These regulations are both Federal and Commonwealth.

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Click HERE to view the Jackson Township Public Records Policy, Township Ordinance on Fees for Public Records, and the Township Public Record Request Form.

Depending on the severity of the crash, accident reports are classified into two groups:

Non-reportable Crash: Normally involves a crash where there is no injury to the occupant(s) of the vehicle(s), and where the vehicle(s) involved do not need to be towed.

Reportable Crash: Involves a crash where EITHER an injury occurs, and the injured party is taken to the hospital via ambulance, OR one of the vehicles in the crash is damaged to the point where it must be towed.

Not including the investigation of major crashes, reportable accident reports are completed within fifteen (15) days of the crash. In most cases, non-reportable accident reports are normally done within a few days of the incident.

In the event that you are requesting a copy of the report, contact the office at (724) 452-5600 and request a copy of the report and once it is completed, you may be contacted to make arrangements to pick up the report.

There is a minimum $15 fee for all basic incident and crash reports.