Jackson Township

Non Emergency Hours

Monday to Friday
 8:30am to 3:00pm

Police Department Offices

140 Magill Road
Zelienople, PA  16063


Phone: 724-452-5600
Fax: 724-453-3581


Emergency Call: 911

If calling from outside Butler County and need to speak with an officer, call Butler County Emergency Services Dispatch: (724) 287-7769



Megan's Law provides two major information services to the public: sex offender registration and community notification.  The information contained in the registered sex offender's file will list the offender's name, photograph (if available), type of offense, date of conviction, aliases, year of birth, city, county of residence, and area of employment.

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There was once a time where parents did not have to worry about their children once they came through the front door and were "safe at home". Due to the fact that technology has advanced as it has over the past few decades with computers being as commonplace in the home as a color television, and more and more teenagers having access to their own cell phones, the theory that parents once had of their child being "safe at home" is no longer as true as it once was.

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